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How it works


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    You supply the idea

    Be laser focused. Your startup should aim to solve one problem, and solve it well. Find a single thing — your Unique Value Proposition — that all your customers need and will happily pay for.

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    We analyze your idea

    We'll take your idea apart, probe for weak points, determine feasibility of implementation, and identify your major assumptions about customers, the utility of your idea, and your business model.

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    We test your riskiest assumptions

    Startups are full of uncertainty. How will you get users? Who are they? Are you building what they want? To succeed, we must test your assumptions, and learn from the experiments.

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    We build a Minimum Viable Product

    Starting from your one core benefit, we'll build the smallest version of your product that your customers could use. We'll cut all the corners we can, but the constraint here is on number of features, not on product quality.

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    Launch is not the destination — it's a start of a long journey. We'll help you promote your new startup, and stay in touch should you need us in the future.

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We'll do all this in two months and for under $10,000

It will be intense — we're not baking a cake here. We'll need your full focus throughout the process.

Work with a proven team

We're designers, developers, product managers and marketers.

We've helped dozens of startups inluding:

Use the best tools

We'll leverage a plethora of great tools and services to build your startup faster, cheaper, and better, including:

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